Design of Telecommunications system infrastructures

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CYPETEL Systems is an application for the design of infrastructures of telecommunications systems.

This application is integrated into the Open BIM workflow via the platform. The application can be downloaded from the platform.

Field of application


CYPETEL Systems designs the infrastructure of telecommunications systems, in accordance with standard design codes or generic requirements, since users can configure the infrastructure elements to be used. The program allows users to import values and characteristics from predefined codes.



Type of installation



Infraestruturas de telecomunicações
em edifícios

Manual ITED 3.ª edição


Infraestruturas de telecomunicações em loteamentos, urbanizações e conjuntos de edifícios (ITUR)

Manual ITUR 2.ª edição


Infraestructura común de telecomunicaciones (ICT)

Real Decreto 346/2011 (Modificado por la Orden ECE/983/2019)

Generic installations







CYPETEL Systems contains the tools that are required to define the spatial position of the telecommunications infrastructure elements (panels, inspection boxes, taps and pipes) in the BIM model.



Since the program is included in the Open BIM workflow, the geometric information of the building can be obtained by importing the BIM model. CAD templates can also be imported.



The program has an elements library, which can be configured by users; the properties of each element that is integrated in the program can be defined. Furthermore, using the program assistant, users can import elements from the design codes that are mentioned in the Field of application section.



The program contains a graphical interface, which allows for the aforementioned elements to be introduced using floor plans. The elements that are placed on the plan will also be visible in the 3D view of the program.






The designed floor plans can be sent to any printing device or exported to different formats (DXF, DWG, JPG...).


Open BIM workflow

CYPETEL Systems is integrated into the Open BIM workflow via the platform. The program currently exchanges the following information with the linked Open BIM project:

  • Imports

    • All the 3D models
      Displays the 3D view of all the models that are imported during the connection to or update of the BIM project.
    • The architectural model
      As well as showing its 3D view, the program provides the floor distribution and the interior and exterior geometry that is shown on the 2D drawings of each floor.
  • Exports

    The program exports an IFC file that contains:

    • The 3D model of the designed installation (GLTF format)
      The program provides the linked BIM model with the 3D representation of the telecommunications installation that has been designed, so it is visible in all the 3D views of the applications that are connected to the BIM model of the project.
    • Floor plans of the installation (DWG format)
    • Installation data
      File containing information on the installation that has been designed, which is then interpreted by “CYPETEL Schematics”.


More information

  • Download, resources and available languages.
  • License requirements
    To be able to use this program, the user license must include the necessary user permits. The permit for "CYPETEL Systems" is the same one that provides access to the following programs:

    • CYPETEL Schematics
    • Telecommunications tab of CYPECAD MEP
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